egg donation Egg donationWelcome to Parents Life, a Reproductive Technologies International Support Center based in Ukraine. Well-known experts in their respective areas who agreed to merge their efforts to pursue their common goal to build the leading positions in assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine founded Parents Life. We used to focus on egg donation and surrogacy programs. Together with our staff of experienced and caring professionals, we are dedicated to helping people build their families through egg donation and surrogacy.

Our mission is to support couples for their families’ formation through high-grade and honest approach by merging our diverse team efforts to pursue a common goal with constant improvement of our knowledge, skills and experience!

Our convenient location, no visa requirement, most loyal legislation for egg donation and surrogacy, allows us to coordinate and influence medical, travel and legal procedures related to egg donation, surrogacy, and treatment of infertility we used to offer to prospective parents, egg donors and surrogates from all around the Europe. On top of that, proper selection of egg donors and surrogate mothers for egg donation and surrogacy programs, over 10 years of operational experience in medical tourism, legal services and psychological support, may be offered also.

Every moment children are born in different parts of the planet. They have different skin color, different ethnic origin, different fate, but all of them have something in common: their mothers’ eyes – tender, shining, sparkling with happiness. Is there any word in our language sweeter and open for a child, than “mom” – the word that all of us come into this world with? Parents Life is able to fulfill the dreams of prospective parents no matter where they are located!

Our Experience

Our goal is always in giving a prospective parents an opportunity to experience happiness of motherhood and fatherhood. RTISC “Parents Life” offers a package of informational-organizational arrangements to solve medical problems in the field of reproductology for the couples under the IVF method of infertility treatment (including programs using egg donation surrogacy), and consultations of leading experts within the “Second Opinion” program.

You have to agree – birth of the little life – isn’t it change your destiny as a parents? To this end, we continuously develop our core knowledge in surrogacy and egg donation, and competencies throughout our team.

We have achieved genuine trust and boundless gratitude from many couples.

Egg donation 91%
Surrogacy in Ukraine 97%
Treatment of infertility 98%
Medical tourism 100%
Selection of egg donors & surrogate mothers 93%
Legal services 100%
Psychological support 95%

CEO’s Message

egg donation Egg donationDear Clients!

Our work is something very private. We welcome any of you at our homes, in our hearts and minds, whether it is genetic parents, a surrogate mother or an egg donor. We think of them the moment when we come home at the end of the working day. Whoever does so, will understand and support us. You feel proud of helping other people, an achievement that makes it possible to somebody’s dreams of such a long-awaited child come true. Every life is a priceless gift, and we admire your wish to become parents, with an opportunity given to us to help you on this path.

Parents Life – this is your life, the life of parents! What makes our center unique is that how much we care about the people we meet and work with. We understand the point of self-sacrifice and devotion, and each member of our small but competent team helps achieving the ultimate results. We live through the moments of your happiness with you.

Surrogacy is a process, where different parts of a puzzle have to fit perfectly. Our work consists in making the most precious puzzle of your life being put together completely!

Cordially yours,

Dmitry Piltyay, CEO Parents Life.

Main Proposition and Services

Parents Life coordinates all the medical, tourist and legal procedures, related to egg donation and surrogacy programs. We are always ready to help you! Our Center will take high quality selection, full medical and psychological examination of the candidates for egg donation and surrogacy for the couples on the IVF treatment program. Because making a right choice is almost the most important here for a high level of procedure performance quality. Don’t doubt, one of the candidates selected will surely fit all your requirements. And then, very soon you’ll take your so long-awaited child out from the maternity hospital right in your arms!

Egg donation is performed when woman’s ovary do not create egg cells independently for different reasons, also if there is a risk of transferring hereditary diseases to a child. NB: In some cases a reasonable decision is a donor sperm insemination – it is commonly used when a woman wants to give birth to a child without a partner or her partner’s sperm doesn’t work for some reasons. Egg donation is usually anonymous, and the family cannot see a photo of their donor, they are just told her weight, height, eye color, nationality, blood type, level of education. Egg cells donors for egg donation are carefully checked by our Center, only those without hereditary diseases can become donors.

Surrogacy is a method that involves transferring impregnated egg cells of a woman who cannot, for some reasons, bear and give birth to a child on her own, into another woman’s (surrogate mother’s) to bear and give birth to this child and then give it back to its biological parents on the terms of the agreement. Surrogate mother can be a woman at the age of 18-36 years old, physically and mentally healthy, who has no contraindications for pregnancy. A compulsory requirement is that the woman has her own healthy child, without pathologies. Upon necessity, egg donation program can be used in front of surrogacy one. Surrogacy medicine made such a quick step forward, that it is performed at the highest technological level.

Every year, infertility becomes a real problem in many families. Because of infertility, marriages are broken, leading to serious consequences. Making good and healthy family becomes a myth and an utopia in such marriages. Egg donors and surrogate mothers help families with infertility to bear their child till its birth; they are doing a good deed for the prospective parents. Egg donation and surrogacy are not a mean of gaining personal profit, but, in a first place, are a priceless help for childless families and pecuniary help to their own children plays only a secondary role. The compensation and gratitude for the time and efforts they spent bearing a child makes surrogate mothers mentally persistent and excellent mothers.

Medical tourism, due to its popularity throughout the world, has already created a new concept of modern public health. The client, without being able to solve its medical problem in the native country, may choose a clinic and a doctor in a foreign country where it would be able to provide qualified assistance and offer to meet the requirements of the examination and treatment. And, thanks to the rapidly deployment, medical tourism opens new opportunities for many people for treatment abroad. We offer medical tourism into the chosen country from the list of countries we have established a strategic partnership with, which will meet all the demands and recommendations of your doctor.

Ukraine, in comparison with another countries, has a lot of advantages in the area of legal regulation of egg donation and surrogacy. Prospective parents are often worried about if there wouldn’t be any problems with the woman who was bearing their child? Can she refuse to part with the baby? No, not at all! In current legislation, there is a law provision, which states that after transferring an embryo into another woman’s body as a result of ART, the couple still is the parents of the child. All the parental rights are secured for them, as well as their duties to the child. 1980 is when it became known of the first time a successfully performed surrogacy procedure was held.

Family is a big responsibility, bringing both joy and excitement as well as providing a huge psychological burden on parents. However, nothing can match the magic instant, when holding a newborn, it should look at the surrounding world for the first time. The birth of a child changes you and gives those emotions that it would be almost impossible to imagine in advance. Surrogacy, by giving you a chance to gain experience, knowledge and power of love, psychologically always remains an open question. Starting with selection of a candidate for the role of surrogate mother, then the whole pregnancy period ends with the appearance of the child into the world, a trained psychologist must be with a parents and surrogate mother.

Why Choose Us

There is a PhD working in our team, who is a practicing obstetrician, which devoted herself to the issues of assisted reproductive technologies exploration incl. egg donation and surrogacy since 2001. Our specialization is egg donation, surrogacy and treatment of infertility.
The Parents Life team consists of A1 professionals who have a considerable reputation in Ukraine. We guarantee an exclusively positive experience over the whole period of our cooperation within egg donation or surrogacy programs.
Maintaining solid relationships with our clients through a reliable team gives us an ability to hear all your wishes and modify our programs according to your requests, making them better every time.
We’ve gained wide experience in the field of medical tourism. Thanks to it, we get an access to international expert knowledge and a number of fields of experience.
An individual approach to consulting our clients on egg donation, surrogacy or treatment of infertility issues, allows us to find the solutions to their individual problems and questions.
We are trying to be flexible and implement quick changes to keep in line with a modern level of additional reproductive technologies, each time offering you maximum opportunities.

Pricing Plans

Our flexible pricing plans offers a range of programs which costs are market based and competitive. Definite conclusions about what amount of money is needed to have an opportunity of using the egg donation or surrogacy program do not exist. In this case, it would be more correct to talk about minimal cost, which varies by different calculations starting with about €6,999 for the basic egg donation plan. Estimated price of services will depend more likely on individual psychological and moral abilities of surrogate mother as well as her financial needs than on objective cost of service itself. Minimal service package cost of search and selection of egg cell donor or surrogate mother will come upon the average of €1,000, and the maximal cost (including all the possible expenses, considering expenses on drawing up a contract between surrogate mother and prospective parents) – will vary from your expectations. Except the compensation a surrogate mother gets, service cost also includes prices for all the procedures necessary to perform the operation itself, from examination and preparation of surrogate mother to financial obligations before a surrogate mother in case of unforeseen circumstances and failure.

  • choose your plan

  • Medical Examinations & ConsultationsMedical Examinations & Consultations
  • Selection of Egg DonorSelection of Egg Donor
  • Egg Donor RewardEgg Donor Reward
  • Number of IVF w/ ISCI AttemptsNumber of IVF w/ ISCI Attempts
  • Selection of Surrogate MotherSelection of Surrogate Mother
  • Surrogate Mother RewardSurrogate Mother Reward
  • Medical CoordinatorMedical Coordinator
  • Basic Plan

  • 6,999

  • Medical Examinations & Consultationsyes
  • Selection of Egg Donoryes
  • Egg Donor Rewardyes
  • Number of IVF w/ ISCI Attempts1
  • Selection of Surrogate Motherno
  • Surrogate Mother Rewardno
  • Medical Coordinatorno
  • Care Plus

  • 8,999

  • Medical Examinations & Consultationsyes
  • Selection of Egg Donoryes
  • Egg Donor Rewardyes
  • Number of IVF w/ ISCI Attempts2
  • Selection of Surrogate Motherno
  • Surrogate Mother Rewardno
  • Medical Coordinatorno
  • Super Care

  • 13,999

  • Medical Examinations & Consultationsyes
  • Selection of Egg DonorCan be extended to 250 Testsyes
  • Egg Donor Rewardyes
  • Number of IVF w/ ISCI Attempts3
  • Selection of Surrogate Motherno
  • Surrogate Mother Rewardno
  • Medical Coordinator24h Assistance
  • Super Prestige

  • 28,899


  • Medical Examinations & Consultationsyes
  • Selection of Egg Donoryes
  • Egg Donor Rewardyes
  • Number of IVF w/ ISCI Attempts2 + 1
  • Selection of Surrogate Motheryes
  • Surrogate Mother Rewardyes
  • Medical Coordinator24h Assistance

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