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Surrogacy and Announcements

Sometimes women who are unable to bear or give birth to a child become desperate. Such problems come from different causes; it is often connected to health. More than 30 years ago adoption one of the only way outs was the adoption. But nowadays the way out of this situation is found, the problem of […]

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Surrogacy and Forum

Surrogacy became the only chance for many couples to have children. In the past, when medicine was not developed yet, people who wanted to have a child could only adopt it. But now there is such kind of service as surrogacy, which makes a birth of the bio parents’ child possible without any harm to […]

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Indications for Surrogacy

Nowadays surrogacy became an optimal way out for many couples that cannot have children. Because it is quite harmless for one’s health and it’s also a chance of having a baby that will correspond the genetic code of its father. Making up their minds to this procedure many couples want to have a healthy child […]

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Free IVF in Ukraine

The infertility problem is staying among the main ones around the world, and this problem didn’t leave Ukraine untouched either. Statistics show that nearly every fifth family has a problem with bearing children, and that is why the help of reproductive medicine is needed in the conception of a child. If you type about reproductive […]

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Orthodox Church’s Opinion

Infertility. In many cases new technological methods let overcome this disease. But at the same time, new biomedical ways of intervention into the sacrament of new life’s birth cause diverse reactions in society and church as well.

In its Matrimony order prayers Orthodox Church expresses its belief that childbirth is desirable, but not the only goal […]

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Are There VIP Donors?

A reason for writing this article was a serious interest of European reproductive technologies clinics in Ukrainian centers that offer cooperation in the implementation of in-vitro fertilization using donor egg cells.

Egg donation is big and growing business on the market of reproductive medicine.

Why do clinics in many countries pay thousands of Euros to make themselves […]

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How To Choose Clinic in Ukraine?

How reasonable it is to choose Ukraine as a place to cure infertility using ART methods?

Today there are about 15 specialized reproductive medicine clinics in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine), which offer full range of services in the field of treatment of infertility from diagnostics to the most high-tech methods. These clinics are using the […]

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Surrogacy – Legal Aspects in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the few friendly countries in Europe dealing with the problems of surrogacy.

The law advantages of Ukraine in this question consist in the following:

Commercial (paid) agreements in the field of surrogacy do not have any limitations;
There is a possibility of getting a part of the compensation during the mother’s pregnancy;
No special decrees […]

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CEO’s Message

Dear Clients!

Our work is something very private. We welcome any of you at our homes, in our hearts and minds, whether it is genetic parents, a surrogate mother or an egg donor. We think of them the moment when we come home at the end of the working day. Whoever does so, will understand and […]

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